Tralee ICG Ltd was set up in December 2007 as a registered company, limited by guarantee, with four directors, an advisory board and company members. Tralee ICG is responsible for continuing annual participation at the Games and for devising the plans and strategies aimed at preparing a successful bid to host the Games in Kerry at a future date. This has involved the completion of an extensive Feasibility Study in 2010/11 and the hosting of the International Children's Games Executive in Kerry in 2008. The initial goal of hosting in 2015 did not materialise, but the goal remains in place and it is hoped to host the Games in Ireland by 2020. The International Children's Games The Games were founded in 1966 by Slovenian native and Physical Education teacher, Professor Metod Klemenc. His primary purpose was to promote peace, understanding and friendship among the youth of Europe through a sports and cultural festival. Nine European cities attended the inaugural Games held in Slovenia and since then attendance and participation at the Games has grown at a spectacular rate. At the present time the Games are the world's largest multi-sport youth event for 12-15 year old children. More than 40,000 children from 421 cities from 91 countries, and from all five continents, have participated in 48 Summer Games and 6 Winter Games The mission of the ICG is to enable the children of the world with their different languages, cultures, origins and outlooks to meet each year on the field of competition, to enable and develop friendship and understanding among children and to help secure world peace through the Olympic ideals. The Games are in effect a mini-Olympics for children and operate on a city to city basis, rather than the country to country basis of the Olympics. The International Children's Games are recognized and supported by the International Olympic Committee. Further details are available on



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